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Sunday, January 04, 2004


i blog out of fear that blogspot will blow us up and we will lose our archives as we've been too lazy to move them over to indecentblogging.
so, ta da! a blog.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


well i would suggest heading on over to http://indecentblogging.com/naughtysecrets from now on. it's a bit boring to look at right now but trust me it's going to get a lot prettier ;)

see you there

slightly confused 

i'm not sure where to blog! we're pretty much up and running at indecentblogging.com, what with the boobie picture and all.
people are popping by there and reading, commenting and signing up. it's kinda cool. we just need to work on our layout and such, get it all nice and pretty the way we want it. in the process it's been quiet here while we play over there.

so i was jumped the other night. as i said, j got home and we had to run out to do some stuff. we had dinner while we were out and didn't get home until about 9. there was a hungry jumping initiated by him. apparently the pics were quite the turn on. i've taken them of myself before to send to him but this time i got a little naughtier. there were actual naughty bits included! complete with toys! convincing me to let him post those will be impossible :P i've given him explicit instructions as to the ones he can and can't share with the hundreds of people who read us each day :)

other than that we've just been exceptionally lovey lately, we're really into each other and can't seem to get enough of being together. i'm so glad the holidays are coming up and we'll have oodles of time to spend together over the break.

Monday, December 08, 2003

*working* *working* *boobies* *droooooooool* 

T was home sick today and decided that it would be a good idea to distract me with pictures. Mission accomplished. After the first batch I honestly couldn't have stood up if I tried. I have the amazing hard-on from outer space. I honestly wanted to start licking the screen. It was all I could do to keep myself from excusing myself from the room, finding a dark corner and whacking my desires away. Of course I couldn't have stood up anyway due to the hard on.

T is so getting fucked tonight. I don't care how sick she is. If she's well enough to send naughty pictures, she's well enough to get ravaged.

Oh. You want to see a picture? Go here.

There were more pictures than that. They're much much naughtier than that too. One of them almost made me fall off my chair. Yum.

T is much too shy to show those pictures. Can you help me convince her?

it's funny what neo citron will make you do 

so i eventually got bored of the internet and it's irritating habit of passing huge amounts of time and making me horny. i decided to have a shower. i tried to take my little waterproof toy with me but it seems to have finally died. we have nothing else waterproof, a shopping trip will definitely occur in the near future. so i just went in the shower. shaved everything right and proper and let the steam work it's magic on my stuffy head.
i got out and decided i would play for a bit in the bedroom. then i got an even better idea. i pulled out all my naughty little clothes that j complains he doesn't get to see anymore. i got all dressed up and playful and took picture after picture of myself in interesting poses. there was a costume change and eventually i got out the vibe, started playing and even took pictures of that. then of course i sent them to my sweetie who is sitting at work bored as he just has to supervise people today.

apparently i'm in big trouble tonight.

peskie flu shot 

so mine's backfiring and here i am at home, stuffed up and sleepie. of course the only natural thing to do it putter about on the internet!
i've been catching up on eros, clicking on links like mad and getting quite turned on. j's coming home late today and picking me up and we're off to run an errand i think it's going to be difficult to wait until after to jump him. although he's already told me to 'go play', how naughtie that would be.

my favourite find of the morning was this little gem of a story. perhaps i can work up my courage and try something similar. j's more than happy to be my little test subject. :)

Sunday, December 07, 2003

link for a friend 

A friend of ours has started a new website for naughty blogging and he asked us to link to it. The site is called Indecent Blogging. I put a link to it in the right...so...go, sign up, blog, have fun. We're going to be moving out blog there one of these days when I get ambitious.

a very naughty weekend indeed 

i believe it all started yesterday when j was playing with my pussy and i took his hand, brought it up to my mouth, sucked his finger for a few seconds to get it nice and wet, and placed it back on my clit. a spontaneous little thing i didn't really think much of, but j started moaning and said how yummy it was. then there was naughtiness.

today we had some errands to run, got up, j made his yummy special french toast i love and then we wandered out into the world. we came back and i was making soup, watching tv, j was playing halo, suddenly a walk past each other for a little kiss turned into more. we were all yummy and fooling around. j licked my pussy and then jumped onto me. we've been particularly smooshie towards each other this weekend, yet our play has been frantic and naughty. we moved out to the computer and j sat down and i sat facing him and we had crazy office chair sex. we moved back into bed for snuggles, which ended up being a nap for over an hour. when we woke up i said we'd better get back to what we were doing, j agreed, got up on his knees, turned me and slid back into my pussy. i was still soaked from earlier. i wanted a big orgasm, i asked for one in fact. i got the vibrator out of the box and asked if he'd like that in my ass vibrating while he was in my pussy. apparently he didn't want the vibe having all the fun. so out came some toys. vibe in my pussy, cock in my ass and magic vibrating bunny on my clit.
it was a big orgasm. he stopped before having his, i guess i'm in for it later.

sometimes it still hurts my brain that he can tell me he loves me and then have his cock in my ass a few minutes later *shrug*. the important thing is he does :)

naughty girl 

T denies having become a naughty girl. I'm not sure how she can still think that she's innocent in spite of my corrupting influence. I tend to doubt her chasteness when she notes that it's been a while since I've fucked her ass, and demanding that I come in her ass while I'm fucking it. I guess it's all perspective.

Friday, December 05, 2003

all tingle 

isn't it weird how just a thought can make all your naughty bits tingle?
i was driving home thinking random stuff when thoughts turned to j. somehow they turned to sex as well. i was thinking of that sweet moment when his cock slides inside my pussy and how amazing it feels.
i got all tingly.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i was a bad girl 

last night, once again, attention was showered upon me in the form of an eager pussy licking, it was quite yummy. eventually i told j to lie down and i got on top of him and had some fun. i could tell he was plotting something evil and he mentioned wanting to be really naughty. i wanted to cum first. i grabbed our little rabbit friend and slid it between us. j grabbed the control. he turned it on and i started moaning and knew i was ready to cum within seconds. i laid down on him and was busy nibbling his neck, biting his shoulder when suddenly it all stopped. i jumped up and looked at him. it was fairly dark but i could see the smirk, followed by his naughty little laugh. we spent a few minutes with him turning it on, then off just as i was about to cum. he was being a very bad boy. i guess my moans of protest swayed him eventually and he left the vibrator on for me.

i had a few seconds to recover and then i wanted to pay him back. i started to move again, riding him. i knew he wanted some naughty stuff and fully intended to let him have his way with me in that department but suddenly there was a change and he was moaning more. i started riding him harder and unexpectedly he came. it surprised both of us. i think he was a little upset he missed out on the fun he wanted. i was informed he was deciding between a blow job and, well something much naughtier *blush* perhaps tonight :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

a good lickin' 

i got one!!!
i was supposed to be going into the shower to shave and get beautiful but i was grabbed in the kitchen. despite the raging hard on, i thought i had convinced him to let me go and we could play later. yet when i got to the bedroom to take things off i was grabbed from behind and thrown down on the bed. the nerve! :)
there was lovin, there was licking, there were many many yummy orgasms. i just felt like i could keep having little wave like ones forever. my clit was huge. j reached for the bunny and put it on my clit while somehow still licking me. i think i came in less than 10 seconds, no really.

it took many minutes before i could close my legs comfortably.

Work thoughts 

I've been enjoying reading this blog. I love that they're so dedicated to each other and still have such good sex even after being married so long and kids. It gives me something to shoot for.

I haven't blogged in a while and T suggested that I write about what I'd like to do with her and then email it to her. She, unfortuantly, can't check the blog while she's at work.

I keep thinking about last night's fun with the toys. I started off innocent enough. There was some pussy licking, teasing and some fucking, but then she got on top of me and had that look. She told me that I made her hungry and she was grinding me with her hips. We got out the box o'fun and I went through it, looking for the right toy for the moment. I guess the problem you have when you have so many toys is you're not sure which one to settle on.

I decided on the butt plug and after lubing it up, started pushing it into her ass. T was really into it. I could feel the plug moving in and out of her ass while she pushed against it. We hadn't done anything like this in quite a while, so it was all a huge turn-on. The plug moving in and out of T's ass made me think of my cock in there thrusting away and that thought almost made me come. I actually got so close to coming that I had to stop and take a second.

That's all I can think about today, the feel of something slipping in and out of her ass. Yum.

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